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Job Description
Job Title: Computer Lab Monitor
Job ID: 10678
Date Posted: 5/2/2014
Date Expires: 8/31/2014
Employer: School of Business Administration
City, State: Missoula, Montana
Description: Provide excellent customer service to the students of The University of Montana and the faculty and staff of the Gallagher Business Building. Assist lab patrons in troubleshooting minor computer problems and answer any questions they may have. Interact with a POS system by selling black and white print documents, color prints, photocopies, and other items available for purchase. Monitor proper use of equipment. Maintain a sterile working environment. Lab monitors will clean and disinfect the computer labs and computers daily.
Classification: Other
Qualifications: This position calls for basic computer skills, but more importantly it requires a desire to learn and the ability to work independently. Candidates who demonstrate the ability to self-start and accomplish tasks without direct supervision will benefit from this opportunity by gaining more knowledge about different software, hardware, and computer maintenance. Reliability and punctuality are a must as this position is often unsupervised. Much of the success of the Gallagher Business Building computer labs depends on lab monitors showing up on-time and staying throughout their entire shifts. This position will work around your schedule and does provide some time for students to study and do homework during quiet times and after all necessary daily tasks have been completed. Interested applicants should email cover letter and resume to
Category: Work Study (on-campus)
Compensation: Hourly Wage: $7.90
Hours/Week: Min: 6    Max: 19
Semester(s) of Work: Spring

Contact Information
Contact Name: Garrett Olson
Phone Number: 406-243-6458 
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Home Page: 
Address: School of Business Administration

City, State Zip: Missoula, Montana 59812 

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